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Green Efforts

“Wisp Resort is our mountain home. We respect the beauty of our environment and we recognize the need to apply moral and ecological ethics to the stewardship of our natural resources. Wisp Resort endorses the principles with active participation in the National Ski Areas Association's Sustainable Slopes program, and is committed to preserving the character of the mountains. We continually update and implement new techniques and technologies that assist in our efforts to protect and enhance the natural state of our geographic surroundings, as well as to conserve our resources and reduce energy consumption.”

List of accomplishments

  • Our employees as well as our guests are able to participate in our resort-wide recycling program. We collect cardboard, aluminum cans, all colors of glass, office paper and plastics. Additionally, catalogues, magazines, phone books, old trail maps and brochures are recycled.
  • We consistently encourage energy conservation throughout the resort through replacement of appliances and lights with newer, more efficient models. One example has been the purchase of energy-efficient copy machines for our offices.
  • An Energy Audit on our facilities was recently conducted assisting us in identifying where and how we can reduce consumption.
  • We utilize snowmaking equipment with increased energy efficiency ratings.
  • We convert storage water from a liquid state to frozen snow. During Spring melt-off the water returns to the lake and groundwater for future use
  • Phased energy efficient lighting retrofits for all resort facilities continues in progress.
  • Energy efficient, quick recovery water heating systems have been installed throughout the resort
  • We use environmentally friendly products for sidewalk treatment during winter months.
  • Under EPA guidelines, we properly dispose of all of our paint waste products, contaminated unleaded fuel and diesel fuel, oil filters and absorbents and fluorescent lighting.
  • We recycle a large amount of scrap steel, copper, brass and stainless steel.
  • All vegetable oils (which are 100% trans fat free) used in our restaurants are recycled into bio-diesel
  • New commercial dryers have been installed in the hotel laundry facility, which are more energy efficient and require less drying time. Additionally, new wash machines have been installed that have a higher extraction rate and reduce water usage