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Mountain Report

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Wisp Mountain Report
Current Slope Status
     December 11
     Tentative Opening Day, Saturday, December 16
    Primary Condition:    Closed             Snowmaking:  No
Secondary Condition:    Closed             24 / 48 HR Snowfall:  0" / 0''
             Average Base:    0"             Weekly Snowfall:  0"
         Trails/Lifts Open:    0 / 0             Season Snowfall:  4"
  Lifts Open Type Operating Times
  Chair 1: Wisp Chair  x_image    Closed
  Chair 2: Squirrel Cage  x_image    Closed
  Chair 3: Peak Chair  x_image  Lift Triple  Closed
  Chair 4: Boulder Ridge  x_image    Closed
  Chair 5: Mainstreet Chair       x_image    Closed
  Chair 6: Happy Chair  x_image    Closed
  Chair 7: Ace's chair  x_image    Closed
  Conveyor Carpets: Wisp Kids  x_image  Lift Surface  Closed
  Surface Tow: Central Park  x_image    Closed
  Conveyor Carpets: Sunset Carpets  x_image    Closed
  Trails   Open  Groomed  Snowmaking
  Front Side Trails        
circle_green Easy Street  x_image  x_image  x_image
circle_green Happy Camper  x_image  x_image  x_image
circle_green Sunset Boulevard  x_image  x_image  x_image
circle_green Possum  x_image  x_image  x_image
circle_green Wisp Trail  x_image  x_image  x_image
box_blue Bear Paw  x_image  x_image  x_image
box_blue Beaver  x_image  x_image  x_image
box_blue Boulder Run  x_image  x_image  x_image
box_blue Deer Run  x_image  x_image  x_image
box_blue Fox Way  x_image  x_image  x_image
box_blue Grouse Way  x_image  x_image  x_image
box_blue Longview  x_image  x_image  x_image
box_blue Muskrat  x_image  x_image  x_image   
box_blue Randall's Run  x_image  x_image  x_image  
box_blue Roadrunner  x_image  x_image  x_image
diamond_black Central Park  x_image  x_image  x_image
diamond_black Devil's Drop  x_image    x_image  x_image  
diamond_black Northern Glades  x_image  x_image  x_image
diamond_black Squirrel Cage  x_image  x_image  x_image
diamond_black The Face  x_image  x_image  x_image
  East Ridge Trails         
Down Under  x_image    x_image  x_image
diamond_black Bobcat Bowl  x_image  x_image  x_image  
diamond_black Eye Opener  x_image  x_image  x_image
diamond_black Highline Pass  x_image  x_image  x_image
diamond_black Mainstreet  x_image  x_image  x_image
diamond_black Odin's Chute  x_image  x_image  x_image
  North Camp Trails         
circle_green Backbone Pass  x_image  x_image  x_image
circle_green Big Dipper  x_image  x_image  x_image  
circle_green Little Dipper     
 x_image  x_image  x_image
circle_green Logger's Way       x_image  x_image  x_image
circle_green Ridge Run       x_image  x_image  x_image
box_blue Ace's Run       x_image  x_image  x_image
box_blue Slider  x_image  x_image  x_image
box_blue Whip Saw  x_image  x_image  x_image
diamond_black Over the Edge  x_image  x_image  x_image
  Terrain Parks   Open         Type   Features
  Central Park  x_image    Freestyle Large   Closed
  Beaver Park  x_image    Freestyle Medium     Closed
  Lower Boulder Park  x_image    Freestyle Small   Closed
  Mountain Park Open Hours Comments
  Snow Tubing  x_image   Closed   --
  Mountain Coaster  x_image   Open Weekends   (Single Rider $14) (Double Rider $19)
  Ice Skating  x_image  Open Weekends  90-minute Session w/ Rental - $14
  Nordic Center  x_image  Closed  Base - 0"- 0km

circle_green Easiest   box_blue More Difficult   diamond_black Most Difficult   diamond_black_2 Experts Only  


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